Friday, February 12, 2010


it's 12:01 am here.
i found myself an empty square foot
on the couch,
nestled among the bags of clothing,
the suitcases and the boxes.
i'm done for the night.

but the night is not just any other:
it's our last night in this,
our first apartment ever.
we moved in here
almost 8 years ago,
a few months after we got married,
and spent most of that first year here.
i wasn't sure then that we'd ever be back,
but sure enough,
we showed up on it's doorstep
just three years later, babe in arms.
and since that time,
we've added two more babes in arms.
and though it's served us well,
our time has come
to bid farewell.

and so i share with you,
upon leaving,
the four corners of my home
where we have giggled, jumped, screamed,
studied, danced, baked,
taken videos, read, kissed,
planted flowers,
dreamed, sang, reminisced, cleaned,
ate, played cootie, learned,
and lived.

and with the fondest of memories,
we say goodbye to you, dear home!


lovely lindsay said...

this makes me a little sad. a letter to your nest.
but oh! how exciting! can you even imagine the new adventures + new babes you may bring into the new home?
good luck.
love, lindsay

DeAnn said...

Can't wait to see pictures of your new place!

uniquelynat said...

it sounds like it had been a good home. full of love, laughter, and memories.

i hope then next one serves you just as well!

good luck!

Amy Asay said...

No way! How exciting! I hope you'll post pics of your new place. Where is it?

Olgon said...

Три года назад в этой квартире я встретилась с семьей,которую искренне полюбила.

OnGod'sErrand said...

How fun to be off to the next adventure in your life! You will love have more space and I know that lots of new memories await.