Tuesday, February 23, 2010

january book

it was those couple of weeks
last fall--
when we were in colorado
and he was in china.
there was a 14-hour difference between us,
which made it particularly difficult
to schedule skype calls,
with such a small window of time
during the day
when neither he nor we were sleeping.
it was on that trip
that he bought for me
that lovely leather-bound journal.

and now that journal
has become our january book.
downright stealing the idea
from my dearest of friends,
our own was born this january,
in which once a year
the little ones in our lives are asked
a series of questions,
ranging from simple and petty
to reflective and meaningful.
each year, they will be asked the same questions,
and the answers will be recorded
for history's sake.

milla's already been asking
when we're going to do the questions again.
and it seems like an eternity
before we'll pull it out again
to go for round two.
but with the way time is flying these days,
it really is just around the corner.


Julie said...

I love that idea. Would you be willing to share your list of questions?

Carrie said...

ditto. i'd be interested in that question list too ;-)
LOVE the journal.

Sweetpea in France said...

Yes please ... would you be willing to share your questions so that my daughter can start this with her daughter who is aged 2 in early March. I think you may still have our email address and of course the website address.

Sue said...

Great idea!

Amy said...

awesome idea. Could you please share some ideas of the questions. I would love to do this. love you, you amazing mama.