Thursday, February 4, 2010

late night in the kitchen

my dear baby andreas:
oh, how i loved that dance with you in the kitchen last night.
with the girls already down for the night, dad still out, and the dishes freshly washed, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world—for me to dry my hands off and pick up patient, quiet, smiling you. with nothing but the city lights and darkness out the window, the sound of annie lennox coming from the radio, and the evening lights low, the moment couldn’t have been long enough.
with your little fist wrapped around my big thumb and your other hand on my shoulder, i drank in your baby smell as your big eyes darted from object to object, soaking in every corner of the kitchen, while little tiny bubbles gathered on your lips. your chubby little feet poked into my stomach as the song switched to a waltz. my thoughts turned to your father, and that surprise date he took me on last year—a ballroom dance lesson. i regretted that we weren’t able to keep up regular lessons, or i may have been a better partner. i guess it was by the end of the third song that my arm started to grow tired, and your interest in the kitchen architecture began to wane, much to my heart’s dismay.
but surely it won’t be our last happenstance rendezvous in the kitchen when all is quiet and the dishes are done?


Julie said...

That is the most precious baby photo I've seen in a very long time. Great photography! The dance story is very sweet.

Ann said...

O, my heavens. He is beautiful and what a beautiful moment.

Sue said...

Almost makes me wish I were back in that phase of my life again!

Instead, I will live the beauty vicariously. Through you.



Mindi said...

Very sweet indeed.

uniquelynat said...

that has GOT to be the CUTEST picture ever!!!! sweet moment. could you call it your first mommy/son date? :)

OnGod'sErrand said...

....and I'll bet he didn't step on your toes even once! What a beautiful memory.