Monday, February 1, 2010

off to preschool

today i sent my little milochka
back to preschool.

i still clearly remember
her first ever
day at preschool,
one and a half years ago.
i came home from taking her
and getting her settled in,
to poor little avi,
who was home all alone,
without her older sister to play with.
i decided right then and there
it was time for number three.

and now,
one and a half years later,
we've got that taken care of.
she's not all alone anymore.
she's got a little brother
to poke eyes out on,
cover up with blankets,
shake toys in his face,
and read sleeping beauty to.

and in the fall?
we'll, she'll be off to preschool herself.
and he'll be home all alone.
but i'm not thinking that far ahead
just yet.


Lindsay Van Orden said...

okay, that pic with avi reading to andre? AWESOME. totally classic. jen, do you think my kids will be as cute as yours? your kids are so rad.

Susan said...

Jen, he is so precious!

Ann said...

I love the time that two of my girls have on their own in the mornings, but I love love love the alone time I get when it's just one of them and me. By the way, what year and month did you post that bird mobile?