Wednesday, February 17, 2010


our first apartment in manhattan
was 300 square feet.

when we moved into our next one,
a spacious 500 square feet,
alex walked out of the bedroom,
through the living room past the bathroom
and into the kitchen and said:
"look how far away i am!"

our first night here
we laid on our mattress on the floor
and looked out across the great expanse
of our new bedroom--
the size of our old living room--
and said,
"look how far away the other end is."

what it means for us
to triple our space in one day:

*we get to have a desk!!!
in fact, not only one, but two.

*the stress of trying to get out the door
is much alleviated by the fact
that we can all comfortably fit
in the entryway.

*avi has already figured out
that she can run away from me
and it's not a straight line anymore,
it's a circle--
it keeps going and going. . .

*two of us can shower at the same time,
and three of us can use the bathroom
at the same time.
no more waiting!!

*when you misplace something, it's gone.
there are no longer
only three places to look.

*as i was unpacking things
into the wardrobe
i started by carefully stuffing things
into every inch of the top shelf
and working my way down.
when i was done unpacking,
i realized i still had half a wardrobe to fill.
and my clothes on hangers
have room to slide!

*we can store our own suitcases
(among other things),
instead of using the in-laws' attic.

*guests no longer
have to sleep on the couch.

*the girls have room
to do more than just sleep in their room.

*i can no longer vacuum the whole apartment
without unplugging the vacuum.

space, glorious space!!!


Lindsay Van Orden said...

love the desk photo and can't wait to see more!!!! you guys will be so happy there. :)

Carrie said...

my favorite is the circle. If there is one, the kids will always immediately find it and spend lots of wild hours running around it!

Ann said...

That's great, especially since your family has grown. Boys need more space, right? And when we do get to Moscow, and we will, now I know there's a comfy room at a friend's place. Yah!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Would love to see more pictures. We're delighted for you guys---but it will take 3 times as long to clean:)

Kari Clark said...

Jen, your Dad gave me your blog address and we were to happy to see pictures of you guys. Ana wants to write letters to Milla, she misses her alot and talks all the time about how she lives in another country far away. Your new apartment sounds wonderful, we hope that you really enjoy it. You are welcome to keep up with us on our blog at, though my photos and commentary are not nearly as beautiful as yours. We would love to hear from you. Kari and Ana