Monday, February 8, 2010

sunday morning

i'm not sure
how your sunday mornings go,
but mine is pretty much the same story
every week.

i wake up
at the crack of dawn (8:00 am)
to the sound of the alarm clock,
feeling something like
a truck ran over me.
i think (very rationally)
"look how much time i have.
surely i can lay here another 10 minutes."
and i do.

finally i'm off to the shower.
the house is still quiet.

next with my wet hair,
i get the oatmeal going.
still looking at the clock
thinking i still have plenty of time,
i'll let the girls sleep a couple more minutes
while i dry my hair.
attempt #1 to wake alex.

then i start getting breakfast
on the table
and waking the girls.
at this point
i'm starting to think
it's time to get moving.
attempt #2 to get alex up.
(or maybe #3 by now).
wake baby, feed as i eat with the girls.

then go dress myself.
alex in the shower by now.
milla finishes breakfast and dresses.
i'm starting to really hurry now.
dress the baby.
alex dresses and shaves,
helps avi finish breakfast,
and get dressed.
i start getting the bag ready for church,
wondering (yet again)
why i didn't do this last night.

start shifting to chaos/panic mode.
hurry milla into the bathroom
to start combing hair.
brush my teeth, put in earrings.
remember to get the snack put in--
why didn't i do this last night?

chase avi down to comb her hair.
alex starts getting coats on kids.
i pull on my tights,
wondering why i'm the last one to be ready,
when i was up first?

the six square feet
of entryway in the apartment
that we are all crammed into at this point
is like a pressure cooker,
with all of us scrambling to get on boots,
hats, and grab bags and children
to get out the door--
because of course we were supposed to leave
10 minutes ago.
i sing a line of
"saturday is a special day
it's the day we get ready for sunday. . ."
to break the tension
as i'm zipping up my boots.

and then the whole way to church
i am asking myself (and others)
why i don't learn
when it's the same story every week.
why don't i hurry faster?
why don't i lay the clothes out
and get the bag ready the night before?
why don't i get up right when the alarm rings?
why don't i shine my shoes on saturday?

i'll definitely try it next week.


happyfamily said...

8?!? Lucky!

You can do it! Let me know what happens- I can use some good tips (but we've got a few hours on you to get ready- very wakeful kids.)

Olgon said...

Ура!Я завтра увижу всю троицу!

Ann said...

That picture of the three of them is gorgeous. Gorgeous! And the new one of you is stunning. As far as Sunday morning goes, well, it's never easy, even when you think you've planned ahead. At least we're still getting out that door, right?

Davian said...

seriously. i go through an abbreviated version of that also, and every time think it will be better next week.

Sue said...

Your blog just floats my boat somehow. And those children of yours are lovely to see.


OnGod'sErrand said...

Never give up! It will get better.

Amy said...

Oh that baby is so beautiful. I want to see him before he gets big and Im too scarey to snuggle him. So, I have to tell you something that you would be very proud of. I went through the same thing every sunday for years (except towards the end, there wasn't singing, it was yelling and panic to get there on time so i could do my calling.) In december, I quit my calling, and now if im late with any kids that are having a slow morning then oh well.