Wednesday, February 10, 2010

these bags

it was exactly four years ago
that i was filling these bags.
another time and another place.

new york city, 2006.
we had spent a glorious 3 years there,
bought our first apartment,
bore our first child,
dove into entrepreneurship,
made the closest of friends--
i was being drug out of there
kicking and screaming. . .
but it was time for us to uproot ourselves
and cross the ocean
into the dark--
with no job, no home,
and no clear reason,
we leapt.

we put our stuff in storage,
found a renter for our place,
and decided what we couldn't live without,
at least what would fit into a few suitcases--
we didn't ship a thing.
except, they weren't really suitcases.
they were $1 plastic plaid bags
that alex made a special trip
to harlem for.
we packed four of them
as full as we could get them,
wrapped them in duct tape,
and said goodbye to everything,
and to new york city.
it was an ugly day.
but that's a story for another time.

as i pack these bags
for an impending move
i'm reminded of where we came from.
of the change we had to make
to go from there to here.
of all these four years have brought us.
of where our lives have taken us.
of all that belongs to us,
the unnecessary
and the dear.
i look forward to where
these bags will take us this time--
near as it may be--
and what lies ahead for us,
in a new time and place.


Ann said...

Good luck with the move. It's so hard when your hands are full with little ones too. I'm sure nothing but good things await.

Sweetpea in France said...

It's a new photo, new day, new life, new home, new opportunities. Will the 4 years and the now 5 persons fit into the same 4 bags? I had to adjust my bad time keeping when I was always late, by telling myself that the deadline was 30 minutes earlier than the real one!!! I still do this... and if i forget ,,, because I think I have masses of time.. then it's trouble indeed. So because you are a woman who has to juggle with 4 other persons and all the domestic stuff then this is what you have to do...... think ahead and always lose 30 minutes for every deadline! tell yourself 8.00 am when really the deadline is 8.30 am. Eventually you will retrain yourself and on the day that you are ready before everyone else you will feel so proud and so self-righteous!!! It will work!!
Good luck with moving home ... and having dual citizenship.

Amy said...

Where, my dear Jen are you going? you do love to leave us in suspense?

Amy said...

ok. now I know where you are going. How many rooms and square feet will you have there? It sure makes me appreciate my little 2000square foot cottage. by the way, the one benefit of having only one closet, is that you can never become a pack rat, or a collector.

davianroberts said...

that's funny--my association with those bags is that day, as well. i hope this move is a happier one!

mer said...

so where to next?

Shannon said...

oh those bags... I didn't realize you could even BUY them in the US. We used the same ones to get all of our stuff to China, didn't ship a thing... but they didn't fare well on the trip even though they were reinforced with duct tape. They were all happily thrown away upon arrival. Can't believe you kept yours!