Wednesday, March 3, 2010


dearest friends,
this happens to be
my 500th post.
maybe it's just another day for you,
but for me
it's a milestone in my chronicle.
and i'm ever so delighted
that you are enjoying the ride
along with me.

to celebrate
i would love to send
two lucky persons
a photo print of their choice
from my chronicle.

perhaps you've found one
that made you happy?
let me know about it,
and you'll be in the game.

happy 500!
i've loved every minute.

(lucky winners:
tnd, sweetpeainfrance, jen a!)


Becky Cox said...

count me in

aapchik said...

obninamyu i pozdravlayu. keep it up.

sharpandkeen said...

Congrats on your 500th post! I would love to have one of your beautiful photographs. The difficulty would be in deciding which one.

rushton family archives said...

I'd love a print!

I found your blog when you left a comment on Lyndsay Johnson's blog. I've been following ever since. I must admit though, I'm terribly confused about how you ended up in Moscow.

Maybe you could do a recap post for all of us late comers ???



Ashley Struck McGregor said...


I am so impressed with all your pictures. I love them. My recent favorites are these: the beautiful golden field with a single tree in the Dordogne Valley (August 21)and the lovely nativity on Christmas 2009. How wonderful! Thank you!

happyfamily said...

Mine would probably be one of the ones from this past summer in France. My absolute favorite post of yours is the night of the meteor shower. Beautiful.

You're a great writer, Jen. I'm glad that I know you!


lovely lindsay said...

500 little beauties.
each post is really such a sweet treat.
it's a beautiful little adventure you're on. thank you for sharing your words + photos with me.
love, lindsay

Sue said...

I'm in! But do I have to decide the photo right now? There've been so many that I've loved. I'd need to take some time and look through all of them.


Sweetpea in France said...

Dear Jen,
Such success for you! I would like to share in your benevolence. If I were to be so lucky a memory of your French holiday 30 July 09 would combine with our memory of how we tried to make it the best we could for you all. Choices would be either 'The cottage' or 'apple washing' or 'a wall with two girls' or 'wonder', or 'the night sky and the moon' or 'Milla by herself'. I have some new walls arriving in my life in one of the most beautiful villages in France which will need photographs once the decoration is complete. In the kitchen 'candles and cupcakes' would tell a story for all welcomed guests!

Carrie said...

always waiting for new posts, Jen.
and never disappointed. Congrats on 500!

Jen Anderson said...

Oh yes, if I was to win it might take me a while to choose a print, but I would love to look back over the 500 posts!!

You are missed in CO.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Truly commendable! You have been so faithful with your posts and letting all of us enjoy the journey with you and glimpse your world. Here's to 500 more!

TnD said...

Jen, I love your blog. So glad you post often. I check about once a month and love getting a glimpse of your life. The way you write just entrances me. Keep it up.