Tuesday, March 16, 2010


and as we drove that day
on the outer ring of moscow
he was totally appalled
that i would say such a thing.
-yes, i think they're kind of pretty.
-you? the tree-hugging granola?
what are you talking about?

i know, i know.
but with the sun
and the bright blue clear sky
and those billowing clouds
and those big ominous silhouettes. . .

i stayed firm.
there really was something to them.


DeAnn said...

I live by a nuclear power plant in Perry, OH. A constant cloud maker.

Ann said...

You're so funny. Each to their own, right? They are impressive.

Kari Clark said...

That is so funny, I remember thinking that the oil refineries, outside of Salt Lake, at night when they were all lit up were really pretty. And my husband couldn't believe it either.