Friday, March 5, 2010

crowning moment

when milla crowned,
(and i don't mean into princesshood)
i was experiencing
the most intense pain i'd ever felt
in my life.
but even that didn't stop me
from asking the one question
i had on my mind:
what color is her hair???

if i've had one dream for my children
(alright, among others)
it would be that they would inherit
the thick, black hair from their father,
instead of the thin, fine hair
of their well-intentioned mother.
it was strike one, then strike two,
and then i was really full of high hopes
when it came to the third time around.
i mean, surely father to son, right?

this time around
i didn't have time to ask any questions
during that crowning moment,
but it was the first thing i noticed
when i first set eyes
on my boy.
thick, black hair.

they'd always told me
that baby hair falls out.
but i didn't believe them.
i didn't believe, i didn't believe,
until that day.
that fateful day
when i looked inside his hood.
it was full of black hair.
fine, black, beautiful baby hair.
the hair i had dreamt of for so long.
the hair i had wished upon my
firstborn son.
the hair i married for.
tragedy struck.
and continues to strike.

even the fact
that i am in good company losing my own
doesn't make me feel better.

tell me it will come back.


Mindi said...

Of course it will come back.. but it may not be black. Gavin was born with such dark hair.. it fell out and grew back blonde-ish. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you though.

What a doll!! He is getting SO big! xo.

Emma said...

I feel like it always falls out, comes back lighter, and then eventually darkens up as they progress out of toddlerhood.

I'm laughing at your comment about your own hair. When I was 4 months post-partum, my mother practically begged me to cut off all my hair because it had gotten so thin.

Sue said...

His will come back...and so will yours!


christine said...

What an adorable picture! He is a handsome little guy! We miss you guys.

JaneH said...

What a beautiful boy. Seems to me that with each generation in our family the babies get more beautiful. When he grows, I bet his hair will be just like his Dads.

Susan said...

I think he looks like Milla!

Ann said...

But he's so gorgeous, thick black hair or not. Crossing my fingers for you though.

Melissa said...

i feel your pain! being a fine whispy haired blonde and marrying a man with thick black hair i just assumed my kids would get lucky with dark thick hair. both boys started out with jet black hair. lucas is now almost as blonde as me and roman is getting lighter each day. the only thing i am holding on to is that they say your hair color will turn whatever it was when you were born as you grow older. lets hope that old wives tale will come to pass!