Thursday, March 18, 2010

detective work

that's my poor baby's face.
if you could only see
her whole leopard body--
silky soft skin
riddled with pink sandpapery spots,
growing larger
and spreading further every day.

we've made it a morning
and evening ritual now.
she grabs her computer of choice
and lays on her bed
while i grease her up
(and we thought that tub of aquaphor
would last us years).
she's a champ.

it took off
when we moved to our new place,
and the mystery has begun.
first job:
get it under control.
second job:
locate and eliminate the culprit.
i wasn't born a detective,
but we're doing our best!

personal experience?
do share.


Ann said...

Goodness. Do you have a good pediatrician there? One of my girls has super sensitive skin and during the winter especially she breaks out in spots like that. We use Aquaphor too. Maybe her skin is readjusting to Moscow? Good luck.

Emma said...

Poor girl. Last time I had something like that, I thought it was an allergic reaction, and it turned out to be a totally random different skin condition with no known cause or treatment that lasts for 6+ weeks. It was awesome. Hopefully you will identify the culprit soon!

sweetpea in France said...

Are you sure it's not chicken pox or measles ? ... it's a long time since I had to identify childhood illnesses.
Have you tried Calamine lotion or if chicken pox Permanganate ot potash in the bath? It's purple!

The Prestwich's said...

Fifth's disease. My kids had it and it goes away in about six to eight weeks. It's a virus, so don't worry about the culprit, it's ( meaning he or she) probably long gone. Good luck. I love your blog, by the way.

brooklyn said...

evangeline has this too! it started on her leg and i thought it was ringworm, so i bathed her all the time and changed her clothes all the time, and put lotramin on it, which seemed to dry it out, but it has still been spreading a bit on her legs and an arm.

Amy Asay said...

Liam has had these sandpapery, sometimes red, sometimes white bumps on his arms, all the way down, his thighs, sometimes calves, and his sweet cheeks that have gotten worse and worse ever since he started eating solid food. My herbalist friend told me it's a signature milk allergy and to try to go dairy free (dairy and egg) for 2 weeks to see if it changes at all. It did! Almost went totally away. He's been getting NAET (allergy elimination treatments) for the last couple of months (since we confirmed that it was in fact, with NAET and muscle testing, a calcium allergy, a B vitamin allergy, a chlorine allergy (in the water) and a 3-6-9 omega nutritional deficiency). He's taking an omega combo supplement for a short time now that the "allergies" have been cleared...and his skin is finally clearing up. My opinion is that anything on the skin is definitely a signal that something not right is going on inside (not always the same thing for every person though). Good luck Sherlock!! I'm so sorry for her!
p.s. Are you sure the cream you're using isn't a part of the problem? What about trying a chemical-free oil like sesame, olive, coconut or something? Sorry! Good luck!