Thursday, March 25, 2010

double bed

we're not really an early morning crowd,
to be honest.
not that i don't like getting up early,
i just rarely get up earlier
than i have to.

this morning felt like a saturday.

and we all woke up early.
first it was dad that couldn't sleep.
then that cooing baby in the basket next to me
decided to order an early breakfast.
after that the sun
was beating in the window so strong
with the cold, bright blue sky outside
and the little breeze through the window
that we were snuggled in tight
when i noticed a quiet visitor
slipping under the blanket on dad's side.
and as we all laid there
nuzzled in that little double bed
and unable to sleep
at that early hour,
it was only a matter of time
before that pesky sun
woke up the last of the family
and avi came tiptoeing across the room.
she squeezed in next to me
and by that point
there was no hope of sleep for anyone.
and it was a good thing
we had nowhere to rush to,
waking up so early--
that we laid there playing
for a good hour
before it was time to greet the day.

and because it felt like saturday?
i just had to run to the corner
for some eggs
to whip up a waffle breakfast.

and only one more day
until another saturday!


Ann said...

Love it!

Davian said...

i remember steve and i lying around on a saturday morning before violet, talking about how much less fun it would be when we had a baby and couldn't do that anymore. as we have learned, it's even sweeter, cozier, and more fun to hang out in bed in the morning with kids.

greta said...

Really!? You all look that great just out of or rather still in bed. Heres to lazy mornings.

Sue said...

What a cute family you make.


mer said...

cutest family ever!