Tuesday, March 23, 2010


when we saw the picture
in that book
she asked me what it was.
i told her hopscotch,
with my mind flashing back
to second grade
and the blacktop at recess.

and then as i laid next to her
in bed last night,
with milla fast asleep a few feet away,
we whispered back and forth
in the dark.
"what do you want to do tomorrow?"
and so the plan was hatched.

i'm not sure what our downstairs neighbors think,
but we're sure having a fine time.


JaneH said...

What a great Mother you are. Hopscotch goes back a long way. I loved it when I was about Milla's age. Your design is a bit different then I remember, but the fun is the same. good exercise, good fun.

Susan said...

oh, jen, this made me cry!

Sue said...

I used to love playing hopscotch! That was our main occupation during recess at my elementary school. That and jacks...oversized ones, played with a golf ball instead of a rubber one. Or double dutch jump rope.

Great days!
Great memories!!