Thursday, March 11, 2010


i realize maybe i have issues.
i began to think that
when i spent an hour and a half
scraping the spanish language warning stickers
off our brand new baby car seat
with my thumbnails.
or maybe i didn't think about it
until the next day
when my thumbs hurt so bad
i could hardly use them.

but seriously.
can i be the only one out there
whose biggest pet peeve
are the stickers and price tags
that get plastered all over things,
and take fingernails
and chemicals and my precious time
to get scraped off?

as i spent some more of that precious time
last night
on some new glasses,
i pondered this.
i again mentally thanked that dear friend
who smuggled me some goo gone
from america to france.
and reminisced about that
blessed christmas present from alex
years ago,
the "sticker lifter."

or just somebody
who values their time
and their fingernails?


Ann said...

You're so cute. We all have our things though, right?

Amy Asay said...

Hey! I just discovered the greatest thing--oil! Olive, jojoba, anything. Smear it on, rub a little to get the stickies off, then wash with soap and it's all over!

Love all your pics!

Sue said...

That is a pet peeve of mine, too. I can't stand when they put stickers on glasses, picture frames, journals, etc. etc. Even when you finally get the sticker off, there's that layer of scum left behind. Does that Goo Gone stuff really work? I'll have to try it!


Oh, I just saw Amy's suggestion of olive oil. I'll have to try that first.