Monday, March 8, 2010

lovely mess

'twas a lovely mess, it was.
such a lovely mess
i didn't even mind cleaning it up.

after a late night with alex
setting up that makeshift table
with the smorgasbord chairs and stools
that we've been living with since we moved in,
pulling out more silverware
from the storage,
counting the placemats
to find there weren't enough. . .
finally we can invite
more than one couple to our house
all at once!
we found we're not outfitted
for such entertaining,
but with the space
we just can't help ourselves.

the occasion:
8th of march
(international women's day)
a big holiday here.
it was brunch with monte cristos,
eggs, fresh pineapple,
raspberry smoothies, alex's hashbrowns,
and tea and cakes.
(and chocolate truffles for the women!)
a full table, fresh tulips in the center
(white, in honor of the snow),
good friends and joviality,
music in the background and
children running crazy
throughout the house. . .

nothing but
beautiful noise
and a lovely mess.

1 comment:

Ann said...

Would've loved to be there. Sounded dreamy.