Sunday, March 28, 2010

palm sunday

palm sunday.

today we began the institution
of a full week of easter celebrations--
which i plan to make tradition.
beginning with palm sunday
and going through the final days of
the life of our Lord,
His death
and His resurrection.

after reading matthew 21:1-11
we sat our own little Jesus
on his donkey
and walked Him into Jerusalem,
while waving our palm leaves
and placing our coats under His feet,
crying Hosanna to His name.

Jesus sat on our table
all day long to remind us
of where He was 2000 years ago
and why we celebrate today.

(though i did overhear avi
whisking Him off to the ball
on his horse this evening. . .
will the cinderella phase ever end?)


rushton family archives said...

That donkey is adorable. :)


Davian said...

did you make those? they are so cute. you always come up with such great holiday traditions.

mer said...

jen! this is so so great! I just wish I had checked your blog a week ago. So doing this next year. Thanks for the inspiration!