Monday, March 15, 2010


it was as we were driving
home from church,
when avi asked me
what we talked about in the boring class
(my class became "the boring class"
when i had to threaten
misbehaving children (yes, mine)
that they'd have to come to class with me).
i told her we had talked about
the creation
and gave her a sentence or two
of summary.
that was when milla said,
"mom, when i get up to heaven
i'm going to give Jesus a lot of stickers
for making such a good world for us.
like, 10 stickers,
because that was so nice of Him!"

that was when i started to wonder
about my sticker-incentive program.
desperate measure
to get them to stay in bed at night?
but i have been gloating in its success
ever since it began--
reveling in the fact
that something so simple
works so well.
i know it's not a permanent solution.
but hey,
we do what we have to do around here.
and if she thinks she'll go out of this world
with an envelope full of stickers,
well, so be it.
at least she's willing to share them.

1 comment:

rushton family archives said...

Very cute.

After telling my oldest daughter that heaven was a wonderful place, she asked if there would be slides in heaven, and if we'd be able to play duck-duck-goose. Reminds me just how precious and innocent children really are.

p.s. thanks for your comment. :)