Friday, April 30, 2010

little trunks

and those little red trunks
had long awaited the arrival
of the little body
that would slip into them.
they awaited
the day they might fit.
and finally they awaited the chance
to get packed into a suitcase
to head for the sea.

well, little trunks,
your day has come.
your maiden voyage begins tomorrow.
the adriatic awaits us all!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

big night

and last night
was the big night
for our dear sister and her love.
we couldn't be happier for them
and their evening celebration
was dazzling,
to say the least.
i regret i wasn't sitting around
taking photos of the occasion,
but rather enjoying myself
and dancing the night away instead.

thus, for you,
just a few snapshots
(as good as they get with 3 wiggling monkeys)
of the hard work's results
from the last few weeks.

but oh, you should have seen the bride
and her lucky groom!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

small price

oh, and sleepless nights
are a small price to pay
to have you in my life,
a small price to pay. . .

Monday, April 26, 2010

treasure hunt

every once i awhile
those memories come back to you.
i remembered it
as i was out buying new shoes for the girls.
and thinking,
how boring to just come home
with a sack of goodies.
where's the anticipation?
the creativity?

and my mind went back
to that day when i came home from school,
likely a hard day of third grade studies,
to the first clue of a treasure hunt.
and as i went round and round the house
from clue to clue
the excitement grew
with every one.
what could it be?
what is my mother hiding for me???
and when i was finally taken
to the laundry room,
i opened the dryer,
and there
staring back at me
was a brand new pair
of clear-colored jellies.
surely, you remember jellies. . .
it was a beautiful day.
and what a wonderful mother i have.

and so when i came home from the store
i promised them
a big surprise in the morning.
not a bag,
but a hunt.
a real treasure hunt.

and as we laid in bed
listening to them run from room to room
we could hear their excitement growing.
all to culminate in front of us
in the opening of the treasure chest.
for their own shiny new silver shoes.

and you thought all my clever ideas
were my own. . .

Friday, April 23, 2010


and so it turns out
that this young man's suit for the wedding
cost as much as what i remember alex paying
for his own wedding suit.

first, the good news.
i paid only 30% of that, on sale.

the bad news?
i bought it before the wedding date
was announced.
and he didn't quite have enough time
to grow into it.
so instead of doubling
his daily caloric intake for a month,
i'm having to make some adjustments.
not to mention some major reconstruction
on my own dress.

i'm afraid the diamonds were only
just the beginning.

but hey, i only have one

Thursday, April 22, 2010

spring cookies

the spring sugar cookie making
is a tradition
that happens for a few reasons.

because it was a cloudy, gloomy day
and it makes us feel better.
because those are the cookie cutters
i happen to have.

and three,
because who can really handle
such a project more than twice a year???
anyone with small children knows,
it's just about
a 24-hour-straight activity.

but oh, it's worth it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i specifically sought this lotion out
on that trip to london.
i loved the smell,
a great natural brand. . .
and now
i can't stand the stuff.

what happened?
morning sickness happened to it.
(no, not now, a year ago. . .)
morning sickness has a way
of ruining things forever.
dear friends of mine have lost
any and all perfumes, living room furniture,
among other things. . .
ruined by morning sickness.

how does it hold such power?
what has it ruined for you?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

gathered around Jesus

there's only one picture
i remember from the bedroom walls
of my childhood.
i think i remember only this one
because i thought it was of me.

i believed that it was
my brothers and sister and i
gathered around Jesus,
my older sister staring into His eyes
while my two brothers and i
stood nearby awaiting our turn.
it was a poignant memory for me--
one stored away in the back of my mind
for all these years.

and as the girls
recently began singing to me
that new song they're learning in primary
"a long time ago in a beautiful place
children were gathered around Jesus,"
as the lights are down
and i'm tucking them in,
that memory came back to me.

i pulled out that print,
had it framed
and hung it between their two beds.
it may not mean as much to them now,
but perhaps
they will have a similar memory someday.

Friday, April 16, 2010

good riddance

we're making the switch.
that seasonal one.
mother nature has of late
been gracing me with such surprises
and instilling within me
such hope
that i've gone out on a limb.
i've wiped all those winter boots clean,
tucked them in bags,
and stored them clean away.
i've with gladness
put all those animal skins
in a high closet beyond reach,
until they once again become necessary
for survival.
i've folded up those scarves,
those gloves and mittens
and said goodbye
and good riddance
for many months.
and i even discovered
those cute lavender gloves
i (just had to have, but)
forgot to ever wear.
how could i?

until next year, my friends.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


i guess i should have known
that my skimping
would be transparent to even a 3-year-old.

when finally the occasion arose
to buy them fancy dresses,
i ran first to that boutique
where i've been eyeing them for years.
but finding the price just a tad more
than i had planned on,
i started to search around a bit.
finally i found a cute
(and more economical) alternative for avi.
which then justified
my buying at least one dress at that boutique,
which ended up being milla's.
surely they wouldn't know the difference.

but when i came home to surprise them
with my finds,
i pulled out avi's first,
and she seemed to be excited.
at least until i pulled out milla's.
she saw the glittering beads
all over the bodice
and then turned hers around
to look for beads on hers.
and my heart was breaking.
why didn't i think of that?
of course she would notice that difference.
and she didn't throw a fit,
or throw the dress down.
she just said,
milla's is prettier.
mine doesn't have any diamonds.


and so i was compelled
to go digging through my little sewing box
for little silver beads.
and as she played on the playground,
as she slept,
as she ate lunch,
i spent five (ever-abundant) hours of spare time
sewing those little diamonds
on her dress.

i should have known.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

long month

and i wish i could contain my excitement.

after somehow successfully talking alex
into taking the day off today
to spend running errands with me,
we had like a 10-hour date.

chiefest among the errands
being spending several hours
with our boy igor,
with the scarred and maimed
but oh-so-talented hands,
who drew us up
the bed of our dreams.
and now is about to set to work
bringing that bed
from paper
into my bedroom.
in one long month!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

craft du (2) jour(s)

that zara home box
had reutilize
written all over the bottom.
and really,
it was the perfect shape box
to stimulate the imagination a bit.
and voila!
our little puppets
finally found a home
in our little theatre.

let the fairy tale show begin!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


quick spring lunch


day old baguette
chopped purple onion
chopped tomato
chopped cucumber
sliced green olives
chopped fresh basil
salt & pepper
olive oil
red wine vinegar

with some
sliced fresh pineapple
on the side,
and it almost feels like spring!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


i'm on my best behavior these days, folks.
i got a chart posted inside
my closet door today,
as did alex (alixs).
i got to color in the first square,
because, so far, so good.
wish me luck.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


and a happy, happy easter
to all of you!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


buried in the earth

how potent the message
of rebirth, awakening, life
in the springtime.
i especially feel it here
after such a long, dark, and cold winter.
the heavens are opening,
the earth is drying
and the plants awakening.
within there's a feeling of
renewal, revival, rejuvenation. . .
how fitting a time
for the Lord
to rise from the earth
alive and perfect,
glorious and triumphant.

we spent our morning
planting seeds.
seeds of springtime,
of life,
seeds buried into the earth as He was--
to soon rise again.

a symbol of His victory over death.

Friday, April 2, 2010

final mortal day

the suffering of Christ

so if yesterday's activity
was the most rewarding so far,
today's was certainly the most challenging.

how to go about describing
to a 3- and 5-year-old
how Christ finished His mission on earth
and fulfilled the atonement?

as my children gathered around me
on the floor
with scriptures and pictures
i began to tell them
what happened on the Savior's final day
of mortal life,
doing my best to both keep it simple
and avoid unnecessary (and brutal) details.

and as we discussed the events
and the reasons for it all,
it became clear to me
just how much a 3-year-old can understand
("why do you think the sun stopped
showing her light?"
avi: "because Heavenly Father did that.")
and just how much a 33-year-old can't.
(milla: "so then, they were good bad guys,
if they made it so Jesus could die for us. . .")

yes, my little ones,
the atonement
is not to be learned in one sitting. . .

Thursday, April 1, 2010


the feast of passover
or traditional seder meal

with all the research and reading,
the buying and preparation of the food,
the time in the kitchen today,
i was hardly prepared
for the spiritual culmination
this turned out to be.

with the table set hours in advance,
and an entire day at home
to prepare
there was no stress of guests
but just our own family,
an intimate gathering
around a festively prepared table--
something that doesn't happen
often enough.
when our final guest arrived
(to his own home)
the candles were already lit.
the sun had gone down,
and i was feeling it already.

i served up the matzo ball soup
and as we sat around that table
we begin to tell the story of passover.
and then as we ate our
maror, charoses, our beitzah and karpas,
i showed them an artist's rendering
of the Last Supper of the Lord.
i read to them Luke 22:7-20
about how the Savior gathered His disciples
one last time
for a feast similar to the one
we were sitting behind.
i told them what He had said,
what He had done,
about the sacrament
and the washing of the feet. . .
and as it became
all the more real to me,
i felt
that even if we were to quit
our easter week celebration on this note,
we would have been
much more than well rewarded
for our efforts.