Thursday, April 29, 2010

big night

and last night
was the big night
for our dear sister and her love.
we couldn't be happier for them
and their evening celebration
was dazzling,
to say the least.
i regret i wasn't sitting around
taking photos of the occasion,
but rather enjoying myself
and dancing the night away instead.

thus, for you,
just a few snapshots
(as good as they get with 3 wiggling monkeys)
of the hard work's results
from the last few weeks.

but oh, you should have seen the bride
and her lucky groom!


Mindi said...


Charity said...

I love your dress! And your little man looks so handsome! Glad you had a wonderful evening.

DeAnn said...

Good looking crew you have there.

Christine said...

You are so pretty, Jen. I love to see what you guys are up to.

secret admirer said...

wow what a great dress!

Davian said...

Avi was so right to insist on those diamonds! But where are yours?

Sue said...

I love the way your daughters are gazing adoringly at their dad. So cute.