Saturday, April 3, 2010


buried in the earth

how potent the message
of rebirth, awakening, life
in the springtime.
i especially feel it here
after such a long, dark, and cold winter.
the heavens are opening,
the earth is drying
and the plants awakening.
within there's a feeling of
renewal, revival, rejuvenation. . .
how fitting a time
for the Lord
to rise from the earth
alive and perfect,
glorious and triumphant.

we spent our morning
planting seeds.
seeds of springtime,
of life,
seeds buried into the earth as He was--
to soon rise again.

a symbol of His victory over death.


uniquelynat said...

just been doing some MAJOR catch-up. what a very lovely tradition!! i am in love! my brother & sis-in-law are actually in jerusalem over the easter i type. have been for 2 weeks. and as i read all that they are experiencing over there (reading it on our family blog) it is making people and places and experiences so much more real to me. and i have a greater desire to know more....and to teach my children all about it too. because at our house we are not celebrating our savior so much this year, as "easter bunny day". and it makes me sad that the point is being lost on my 3 year old. thank you for adding to my thoughts and feelings about what and how and why to bring the Savior to life for my children.

thank you!

Jill said...

hi jen, i am in the upper east side ward & had milla in our nursery once upon a time. i happened upon your blog from one of the UES moms and i want to tell you how inspiring your easter week has been to me. thank you so much for sharing your efforts & details, i think it is amazing how special you made the week and how you were able to focus on the savior. thank you for sharing! - jill

Amy said...

that is such a wonderful idea, and I can't even imagine how much work your dinner must have been-especially having not been one of your traditons- but I just have to say that i LOVE the baby bouncing in the back of this picture. It makes me laugh!