Thursday, April 15, 2010


i guess i should have known
that my skimping
would be transparent to even a 3-year-old.

when finally the occasion arose
to buy them fancy dresses,
i ran first to that boutique
where i've been eyeing them for years.
but finding the price just a tad more
than i had planned on,
i started to search around a bit.
finally i found a cute
(and more economical) alternative for avi.
which then justified
my buying at least one dress at that boutique,
which ended up being milla's.
surely they wouldn't know the difference.

but when i came home to surprise them
with my finds,
i pulled out avi's first,
and she seemed to be excited.
at least until i pulled out milla's.
she saw the glittering beads
all over the bodice
and then turned hers around
to look for beads on hers.
and my heart was breaking.
why didn't i think of that?
of course she would notice that difference.
and she didn't throw a fit,
or throw the dress down.
she just said,
milla's is prettier.
mine doesn't have any diamonds.


and so i was compelled
to go digging through my little sewing box
for little silver beads.
and as she played on the playground,
as she slept,
as she ate lunch,
i spent five (ever-abundant) hours of spare time
sewing those little diamonds
on her dress.

i should have known.


happyfamily said...

Ahh, you are a patient and good mom.

The best laid plans...

I never know what is going to please me kids. For me the challenge is not inequality, it's that I like to sew for my girls and they inevitably like what we can get at Costco better than what I sew. Sigh.

Amanda said...

Diamonds:) That story is so precious!

uniquelynat said...

what a good mommy!
(i probably wouldn't have thought of it either)

Kari Clark said...

You are such a sweet mom. What a lucky girl, that Avi, to have a Mom with so much love, as to spend five hours sewing on "diamonds". Loved that post.

Ann said...

I know, it's like girls are born with a love for all things sparkly. And what a Mom to give it to them.

Olgon said...

Как хочется увидеть Ави в этом платье.Ну,хотя бы на фотографии.

Sue said...

Everyone should have a good mom to sew on the diamonds in life...