Friday, April 2, 2010

final mortal day

the suffering of Christ

so if yesterday's activity
was the most rewarding so far,
today's was certainly the most challenging.

how to go about describing
to a 3- and 5-year-old
how Christ finished His mission on earth
and fulfilled the atonement?

as my children gathered around me
on the floor
with scriptures and pictures
i began to tell them
what happened on the Savior's final day
of mortal life,
doing my best to both keep it simple
and avoid unnecessary (and brutal) details.

and as we discussed the events
and the reasons for it all,
it became clear to me
just how much a 3-year-old can understand
("why do you think the sun stopped
showing her light?"
avi: "because Heavenly Father did that.")
and just how much a 33-year-old can't.
(milla: "so then, they were good bad guys,
if they made it so Jesus could die for us. . .")

yes, my little ones,
the atonement
is not to be learned in one sitting. . .

1 comment:

lovely lindsay said...

love this.
while pondering your week of posts while i drove my boys on a quick roadtrip today - i decided to tell my lucas the easter story. i was nervous that it might scare him because really - how much can a three year old understand? and surprisingly he blew me away with his sweet spirit and loving comments. thank you for inspiring me.
love, lindsay
love, lindsay