Thursday, April 1, 2010


the feast of passover
or traditional seder meal

with all the research and reading,
the buying and preparation of the food,
the time in the kitchen today,
i was hardly prepared
for the spiritual culmination
this turned out to be.

with the table set hours in advance,
and an entire day at home
to prepare
there was no stress of guests
but just our own family,
an intimate gathering
around a festively prepared table--
something that doesn't happen
often enough.
when our final guest arrived
(to his own home)
the candles were already lit.
the sun had gone down,
and i was feeling it already.

i served up the matzo ball soup
and as we sat around that table
we begin to tell the story of passover.
and then as we ate our
maror, charoses, our beitzah and karpas,
i showed them an artist's rendering
of the Last Supper of the Lord.
i read to them Luke 22:7-20
about how the Savior gathered His disciples
one last time
for a feast similar to the one
we were sitting behind.
i told them what He had said,
what He had done,
about the sacrament
and the washing of the feet. . .
and as it became
all the more real to me,
i felt
that even if we were to quit
our easter week celebration on this note,
we would have been
much more than well rewarded
for our efforts.


rushton family archives said...

These are all such wonderful ideas. I may try this next year. (Sounds like a lot of FUN, too.) :)


Mindi said...

Wow Jen, you are really outdoing yourself! And making quite an impression on those little minds, I am sure. I guess I should not be too surprised.. you are always doing such fantastic things. xo.

Ann said...

Wow, you blow me away, really.

Susan said...

Beautiful. My heart aches to live near you...