Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i specifically sought this lotion out
on that trip to london.
i loved the smell,
a great natural brand. . .
and now
i can't stand the stuff.

what happened?
morning sickness happened to it.
(no, not now, a year ago. . .)
morning sickness has a way
of ruining things forever.
dear friends of mine have lost
any and all perfumes, living room furniture,
among other things. . .
ruined by morning sickness.

how does it hold such power?
what has it ruined for you?


Susan said...

Lay's sour cream and onion potato chips; even the sight of the green bag makes me flinch - 25 YEARS LATER!
Love ya'll!

happyfamily said...

My dislikes usually become likes again, although I don't wear scented anything anymore because it's just too scented.

I have a friend who gets sick every time she watches the history channel now because it was on so much during her morning sickness trial.

Ann said...

I have morning sickness to boo and thank for new dislikes: Tiramasu, any and all Asian food (bummer), and Diet drinks and fast food (that's a good thing.)

DeAnn said...

Club Crackers

mer said...

I know, I hate that! I can't even go to certain places anymore without feeling yucky. I had to give away perfume as well...crazy that is lasts well after the fact...

Kari Clark said...

Nachos. Although my waistline is probably thanking morning sickness for that.

Mindi said...

Cherry tomatoes and Chipotle veggie wraps (the only thing I ate there) have never appealed to me since pregnancy.

I didn't have morning sickness, it was more like "evening sickness". That, along with my hyper-sensitive gag reflex... a bad combination when it came to brushing my teeth. Inevitably, I ended up brushing my teeth twice each time.

K said...

I have several things, but the two things that make me the most nauseous are the lotion I wore during my 1st pregnancy and hearing Caillou on tv.

rushton family archives said...

Taco Bell.

I can't even watch the commercials.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Marie Calendar's cheese broccoli soup! I used to love it, but somehow it just wasn't the same after upchucking it. Sigh.

Sue said...

My old perfume. It was called Beautiful. But not any more.