Monday, April 26, 2010

treasure hunt

every once i awhile
those memories come back to you.
i remembered it
as i was out buying new shoes for the girls.
and thinking,
how boring to just come home
with a sack of goodies.
where's the anticipation?
the creativity?

and my mind went back
to that day when i came home from school,
likely a hard day of third grade studies,
to the first clue of a treasure hunt.
and as i went round and round the house
from clue to clue
the excitement grew
with every one.
what could it be?
what is my mother hiding for me???
and when i was finally taken
to the laundry room,
i opened the dryer,
and there
staring back at me
was a brand new pair
of clear-colored jellies.
surely, you remember jellies. . .
it was a beautiful day.
and what a wonderful mother i have.

and so when i came home from the store
i promised them
a big surprise in the morning.
not a bag,
but a hunt.
a real treasure hunt.

and as we laid in bed
listening to them run from room to room
we could hear their excitement growing.
all to culminate in front of us
in the opening of the treasure chest.
for their own shiny new silver shoes.

and you thought all my clever ideas
were my own. . .


Davian said...

you (and your mother) put the rest of us to shame :)

Mindi said...

Oh Jen, I miss you.. and your gorgeous girls! Your place looks amazing.

Lindsay Van Orden said...

oh yeah!... treasure hunts!!! those were the best! remember when we used to do them for each other? and we always used the same hiding places and clues over and over... maybe that was just me and mitch. anyway, SUCH a great idea. i bet they loved it!

Sue said...

Being a child in your home is a lovely experience...


OnGod'sErrand said...

Isn't it wonderful how just a few moments of your time can make a memory that lasts forever? You are a treasure!