Thursday, May 13, 2010

all day lunch

oh, and only on vacation
can you make
going to lunch
an all-day excursion.

taking the boat across the bay
strolling along the country lane
to that place tucked against the mountain
by the old mill
at the fresh water springs. . .

we had no problem
making a day of it.
perhaps you can see why.


DeAnn said...

These pictures don't even seem like they're of a real place--unbelievable gorgeous!!

christina said...

absolutely gorgeous.

your girls have cooler clothes than me.



Lindsay Van Orden said...

get out of here with your postcard perfect pictures. SIGH... must be nice. sure wish i was there with you!

Rebecca said...

These have got to be some of your most picturesque photos yet! GREAT ones of your family - perfect framed wall art for sure!

Ann said...


Anonymous said...


Carrie said...

and again I say . . . wow!
I need to start making my travel wish list from your blog posts.

Sarah @ Different Dog said...

I love your photos...everything is gorgeous...I can't believe it is real...your girls are precious too!!!

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