Monday, May 31, 2010

another year down

as i walked in with her
on her last day of school,
the kids had all gathered into one room.
music was playing,
children were dancing and frolicking,
dressing in costumes
and having a most marvelous time.

she clung to my leg
in the doorway
and couldn't be prodded to enter.

"milla, everyone's having a great time,
don't you want to go play?"

"i don't want to."

"but look, you can go choose a costume
to dress up in."


"you'd rather be sitting in a classroom
listening to a lesson?"


"what would you like to do?"

"i want to go home."

"mims, what would you do at home?"

"play with avi."

and so today
she finished another year of preschool
and began
a whole three months
of getting to just
play with avi.


Ann said...

Gorgeous picture, lovely girls. Giving them each other is the best thing we've ever done, isn't it?

Amanda said...

Jen I hope you know I look forward to your post everyday:) Both your pictures and words are so beautiful. Thank you!

LKC said...

I hope my future holds some of that.

Olgon said...

Я понимаю выбор Миллы.Я бы тоже многому,очень многому предпочла игру с Ави!