Wednesday, May 26, 2010


my first pair of converse
i bought in the sixth grade.
they were turquoise on the outside,
yellow on the inside.
and they were not just high tops
but super high tops
that could either be worn folded down,
or halfway to my knee.
i talked my best friend into buying
the pink and gray ones,
we wore them "high"
and called them combat boots
(tour of duty was our favorite show),
and yes,
we were the coolest our school had seen.

after that my feet dabbled.
they dabbled in keds, adidas, timberlands.
birks, penny loafers, pumps.
tevas, nikes, flip-flops and vans.
they saw the world.
and then they came back.
they found themselves again
in a pair of converse,
black this time,
when i was in college.
many years have past since that time,
i'm afraid to count them,
but i still wear that same black pair.

and i've also since found myself
some good company.
good traditions must be passed on!


Ann said...

I had the same ones! But they were rainbow stripe on the inside. We were cool, weren't we?

Susan said...

You forgot to include Doc Martens in your list!!

OnGod'sErrand said...

According to your brother, Justin, the only shoes you guys ever got were Payless, Pro Wings. Hope he reads your blog and recognizes some of those brand names. :-)