Tuesday, May 18, 2010

laid up

it's day two
of this view
from my horizontal position on the sofa.

the table next to me
has an ever-growing pile
of sundries--
toys, dishes, economists and devices,
which help me try to control the ship
when the captain is on the sick bed.
i'm sick as a dog!

perhaps it's my body rebelling
against my dragging it
from that pristine climate
back into the cesspool of toxins
that's called central-big-city-living.
and really i can't blame it.
but until it decides to forgive me,
i must thank alex
for massaging my back at 2 a.m,
his mother for taking the girls,
andreas for requiring so little,
milla for fetching this and that,
and avi for entertaining me,
keeping my spirits up and keeping me laughing.
(this morning she put on a puppet show for me:
"я-лягушка, очень лягушка!"
"я-зайчик, прыг прыг, в ямку, прыг!"
"я-медьведь, совсем медведь!
такой страшный ведмедь!")

it could be worse,
despite my feeling like
i've been hit by a train?


Davian said...

oh, so i wasn't going back to your world when i commented last time, you were coming back to mine! i'm so sorry you are feeling low. wish i could bring you some chicken soup. feel better soon!

uniquelynat said...

i'm right there with ya right now. can totally sympathize! get well soon!!!

Ann said...

Hang in there, friend.

JaneH said...

Oh Jen !!! I am so sorry that you are feeling so bad. Wish we were close so I could come in and help.
What a great family you have to take such good care of you. Doctors orders...Get better soon.