Thursday, May 27, 2010

project du jour

i'm not sure
what sort of seating you have at church,
but if you're lucky,
they're pews.
if you're unlucky,
they're chairs.
we're unlucky.
and even unluckier
are the people that get stuck
sitting behind us.
the ones that get to pick up
every toy and crayon and book
that falls through that six-inch gap
between the seat and back of the chair.
now i don't have a solution
for everything.
but a little crayon roll
will at least help with those crayons
that don't stay in that torn little box.


christina said...

The pews at our church still have the tiniest gap. It's why we stopped bringing cheerios and goldfish crackers to sacrament meeting. :)


Melanie said...

That is a fantastic project du jour!! I love it!

Ann said...