Tuesday, May 4, 2010

rite of passage

and i suppose it's just
a rite of passage
for a toddler, really.

just as an adult
has to try regular dish soap
in the dishwasher
once and only once,
every toddler has to try
putting something up his nose
once and (hopefully) only once.

it happened yesterday evening.
after stepping away from the dinner table,
i returned, only to remove avi
to the balcony to ponder life for a bit
(i.e. that was enough of her screwing around).

as i returned back to the table
milla says
'mom, i don't want to put anything in my nose.'
(of course she's already been
through this rite of passage-- with a bead),
and everything was clear to me
at that moment.

i scurried to the balcony
to examine the nose
of an already-panicked toddler.
the experiment?
a pea.

why, oh why?

i first tried to coach her
on blowing it out
(which worked for milla's bead),
but as avi is younger than milla was
when she tried this experiment,
she just couldn't get the air moving
in the right direction.
i feared we were only lodging it
higher up in there.
with visions of emergency rooms
dancing through my head,
i gave her strict instructions
to keep her mouth open
and await my return.

in a flash i was back
armed with the sharpest tweezers
you've ever seen
(mom, you know the ones).
and on first careful attempt
that big green pea
was dislodged, inspected,
and chucked off the balcony.

the ensuing dialogue
very accurately sums up avi,
if you've never been acquainted:
"now, can you tell me why
in heaven's name you thought this
belonged up your nose?"

"well, because, i just thought
my nose was my mouth!"

and with that,
we both cracked up laughing
and checked
"lodging something up the nose"
off the coming-of-age list.


Mindi said...

Oh boy... we have yet to cross that bridge.

OnGod'sErrand said...

A bright sense of humor will help get you through those "rites of passage"....there will be many more of those. Keep laughing!

Sue said...

Let's just hope she doesn't follow up with the cutting her hair thing.