Wednesday, May 12, 2010

sleeping beauty on the beach

and as we took off
fleeing down that beach
the imaginative wheels in her little head
began a-turning.
when we finally got to the rocks
and began clambering over them
she told me we had to hurry
to get onto the metro.
"where are we going?"
"we're going to the theatre!
sleeping beauty is about to start!"
and as we sat there on that big rock
clapping as the curtains were opening,
it was reaffirmed to me again,

you can take the girl out of the city,
but you can't take the city. . .


Ann said...

You're giving them such wonderful experiences, in and out of the city. By the way, I want to look like you in a swimsuit when I grow up. :)

Rebecca said...

by the are looking pretty hot!! Way to go mom of three:)