Friday, May 21, 2010


i daresay
this is the first time in my life
i've been stuck in a house
for five days straight.
or that i've only showered once
during that period.
it's been ugly, friends.
but today i am starting
to feel human again.

and while i've had the chance
to become so well-acquainted with the sofa
this week,
i'd love to introduce you.

isn't she a beaut?
yes, that's lavender velvet,
and yes those are diamond (looking) studs.
and gold painted scrolls.
now before i lose all credibility
i must tell you
that these and the matching table
were one of very few pieces left here
by the owner--
upon request, because we don't yet have our own.
after showing you the chandelier,
and now these,
you're starting to get a clearer idea
of new russian style at its finest.
some call it classy,
others nauseating.
and after this week,
that almost became quite literal for me.

the good news?
after four years straight
of endless searching, dreaming,
scheming, and finally begging
the absolute kindest of strangers to assist,
we finally have our very own sofa set
on its way.
and only 6 months in transit!
i'm as excited as you are.
especially to see these beauties
right out the door.


Ann said...

Goodness, you were hit hard. SO glad you're feeling better. I hope you're off that sofa this weekend.

Davian said...

what, you're saying crate and barrel is better than these?

Sweetpea in France said...

You can send the sofa in my direction please. I love it! I hope you feel better soon!

Chrissy said...

I love it, too! I am a frustrated harlot from the early 20th century, though.