Thursday, June 3, 2010

eating it up

and now
i'll be honest with you, friends.
i am eating up
every last second
of his
not walking, not talking,
not eating anything but milk,
his laying around,
his staying in one place,
his not asking me questions,
his fascination with the same toy
day after day,
his not needing me
to get him this or get that down,
or clean up that mess. . .

every last second.


Ann said...

Me too. He's such a cutie.

Sarah said...

Jen - I love your artistic blog and incredible photographs. Thanks for sharing -
Sarah Dunigan

Melissa said...

wow he is so cute. you are such a photographer. i am sure you just looked at him laying there and smiling and you snapped a shot, but it looks like a picture for a magazine with toys placed that all match with what he is wearing and everything looks coordinated and perfect, but not on purpose.