Monday, June 7, 2010


i realize
it is just an inevitable consequence.
a natural evolution
when a people is yanked from its history
of a virtually classless system
and thrust into a new market economy.
it's the human way, i suppose.
to clamber and struggle to get on top.
to get ahead.
to have more.
to be someone better.
and in this instance,
better means more money.
nowhere is such clambering so starkly evident
as in moscow.
where such struggling has resulted
in such a self-proclaimed elitist class,
defined by riches.
and this phenomenon has been met
with a handful of buzz-words
that have seen
increasing popularity over the last few years.
words that seek out
those money-spenders (not a few),
that appeal to that
self-proclaimed class, better than the rest.
the words:
elite, vip, luxury,
exclusive, deluxe. . .
have found their way onto everything.

this "luxury milk"
for example.

you know
i've gotten used to it
and usually just laugh it off
or roll my eyes,
aside from joking about it
("что, разве не знают что мы виповские?")
but i will tell you
i have to draw the ridiculous line
at these VIP trash bags. . .

since when did
garbage bags begin defining a class?


Ann said...


Kari Clark said...

That is so interesting! I've never thought about the free market economy in that way. Very funny, but also sad.

Davian said...

luxury garbage bags? that is truly fabulous.