Wednesday, June 23, 2010


i understand
that having the music playing
may not fall under the rules
of that "quiet time,"
but when she gets her "dancing clothes" on,
sets up her dolls for an audience
and then dances like it's going out of style,
i hardly have the heart to stop her.

it reminds me of my childhood ambitions
to be a famous gymnast.
of course inspired by my favorite movie
i would get my own "gymnast clothes" on,
and spend some serious time
training in my bedroom,
doing the same exercises nadia did
(at least on the movie).

surely imagination
is so much more important
than quiet.


Susan said...


happyfamily said...

That is darling. My girls have wonderful imaginations as well. I feel like my brain doesn't work that way (maybe it did once- I don't remember). It's fun to watch in action.

Kari Clark said...

That is so cute I can hardly stand it. You really do have a way of capturing the moment in pictures AND words.

Swigs and Grinds said...

That is SUCH a great moment captured! Absolutely beautiful!!