Wednesday, June 9, 2010

le pain

i realize it was a bold move--
my taking all three little ones
out to eat all by myself.
but needing bread at home,
i knew le pain quotidien was right there
and it happened to be lunch time. . .

i couldn't help myself.

the first time milla went to le pain
was in her infancy--
back on the upper east side of manhattan.
she was at that perfect age
when she could just sit happily
and shake some keys around
or suck on my phone
(which eventually met its death that way)
for a wonderfully long time.
i sat her down next to my plate
on that big long wooden communal table,
while every single passerby
stopped to comment and admire her.

since those old new york days
le pain has always been
like a coming home for me.
i know it's a chain
and i know you can find it all over the world.
but every time i do
i'm delighted.
and when they finally came to moscow,
despite there being an exquisite restaurant
on every corner around here,
it made me so happy
to have this little, simple pleasure
feel-good comfort food cafe
to fall back on from time to time.
not to mention the daily bread.

to say nothing about today's risk,
and making it out of there
without a spill or a scream,
or any unwanted attention.
(only the casual passerby
stopping to admire the babe who,
this time,
wasn't sitting on the table)


Sue said...

It doesn't surprise me to learn that passers-by stop to admire your babies.

They are definitely admiration-worthy!


Davian said...

oh, le pain. the closest one to me--at least for three more months--is in pasadena, and i always worry that we are forcing it upon our nieces by insisting we go there every single time we visit them. it is just so nostalgic for me because of new york. i'm glad i'm not the only one. (by the way, we went there for lunch when we were in moscow.)

thank you for the birthday wishes. i wish i hadn't missed you. let's talk soon.