Tuesday, June 8, 2010

recipes du jour

and today
because i'm feeling generous
i share with you
two recipes from the week.

in answer to which milla
during the meal told me she had a surprise
when she was done eating.
that surprise turned out to be
a whispering in the ear:
"thanks, it was so yummy!"

and for dessert,
that i've long wanted to try myself,
that put to good use
that matzo sitting in the cupboard.

i mean,
my matzo balls were good and all,
but. . . these. . .


Susan said...

Looks delicious. I think I will make that wild rice salad tonight, thanks for the idea. The dessert recipe is good with graham crackers, too.

Lindsay Van Orden said...

mmm, i can't WAIT to try these! they look so so good - especially the wild rice salad. thanks jen!

Amy said...

Ok, do you realize that you could have a JOB taking photos of food. You have an amazing talent- it always looks BEAUTIFUL. now, i can make some great dishes, but YOU , you make them all look incredible!