Friday, June 18, 2010

zoo outing

i can't say there have been many days
this june
suitable for such an outing.
with rain just about every day
we are lucky to get to the park and back
without a drop or downpour.
but today looked promising--
and we took our chances.
invited our favorite friend olya,
and made our annual trip to the zoo.
we went in
with a few things to check off the list:
seeing the owl and the zebra
(avi's favorites)
and milla's bobcat
(i have no idea how that became her favorite,
i was just glad we finally found one
just as we were about to give up);
riding the choo-choo train,
and avoiding two things:
-being accosted by the stuffed shrek
or alvin the chipmunk
and forced to take a photo with them
(avi was all willing)
-any tantrums over my unwillingness
to buy popcorn or cotton candy.
though kind-hearted olya
was happy to oblige with the blow-up toys.
those lucky girls!

and aside from being dreadfully sorry
for all the animals,
our mission was successful in all respects.
and not a drop of rain!

to the weekend!

1 comment:

Olgon said...

А в конце дня Ави подвела итог:"Это был праздник!" И я полностью с ней согласна!