Wednesday, July 21, 2010


the countryside is no place
for entomophobes.
coming from the city
where the only insect we come across
is the odd fly or mosquito,
moving into a house full of daddy-longlegs
has been a little adjustment.

this morning we woke up
to a dragonfly on the laundry line.
when it didn't even move
when i pulled the swimsuit
it had clung to down,
i started to wonder if it had died right there on it.
frozen in the rain? who knew?

well of course avi was the unfortunate one
to be in a room all alone with it,
when that thing
roughly the size of her face
came alive and started buzzing around.
the trauma took awhile to burn off.

this year
dad got us a bug viewer,
which we call the bugger.
i caught this creature in our closet last night.
yes, it still gives me the heebs!

after all the insect activity
and mostly stuck inside on this rainy day,
we crafted our own butterfly.


Krista said...

Jen- I gotta tell you, #1 you have the most beautiful children ever, #2 You take the most interesting and captivating photographs I have probably ever seen, (you should be paid for these!) #3 you seem to be the most fun and entertaining mom, always doing fun things and crafts with your kids. I really admire you! Hope your vacation is nice, and btw- what in the HECK was that bug in your closet????

SweetpeainFrance said...

The creature in the closet is a centipede - possibly - Scrutigera coleoptrata - and it will eat other insects that you don't know that about that live in houses. Yes, they are scary but try to realise they will not hurt you. I, too, find the wibbly wobbly spiders difficult to appreciate and DO get them out of the house and out of my sight asap!
Is your daddylonglegs a crane fly or a harvest spider or a cellar spider?
Dragonflies are of course very beautiful and totally harmless. Imagine what you could learn. The design of the helicoptor came from a study of the way their wings are operated. There are many varieties in the Loire Valley.
Maybe ask at the Tourist Office about the National Parks because they probably have some nature events for you to participate in. I know that the National Parc du Brenne has a Maison de Pays but it's further South than perhaps you would like to travel. Also an idea .... at Loches there is a Cave used once for mining stone, which on payment you can walk inside for a long way!

Rachel B. said...

Hey Jen, it's Rachel Bjorkman. Your mom told me about your blog and then I found it through Kari's. I'm loving scrolling through all your adventures. And those bugs....ewww!! The craft butterfly, however, is awesome! :) Your little ones are just as cute as ever!

Ann said...

bugs? yuck. but you're in france. awesome.