Thursday, July 29, 2010

peach pops

living in an actual house
as she was raising children,
my mother had the luxury of keeping
a whole slew of cool kitchen gadgets.
of course there were the things
like the crockpot and the griddle.
but then there were fun things
like the yogurt maker,
the nut grinder with the little crank,
the cherry pitter,
and the heated bread basket.

but one of my favorites
was one i remember pulling out
often in anticipation
of those family nights:
the popsicle maker.
chocolate pudding pops!

and now
as i'm beginning to acquire
my own small and humble arsenal
of kitchen wares,
this summer i decided
i must find a popsicle maker.
and find one i did.

these were alice waters' peach pops--
with a bit of strawberry.
any other must try recipes?

1 comment:

OnGod'sErrand said...

Afraid that we took those things for granted...but, they definitely are luxuries, aren't they? What about the air-popcorn popper and the electric ice cream freezer that fits in the kitchen sink?!!!