Thursday, July 22, 2010

planless day

if only
i could tell you
what it feels like
to wake up in the morning
to a lovely planless day,
only to formulate a rough plan
in the shower.

to throw the bag together,
and then herd all the chicks into the car.

to head down an open road
through the farmland
with the music playing
and the wee ones in the back
wondering where the surprise will take them.

loose plans,
no time limits,
gorgeous scenery,
and fresh, crisp air. . .

those open roads
led us to the rigny-usse chateau.
also known as,
sleeping beauty's castle.

and after a lot of wandering
and searching
and taking a lunch break,
and then coercing avi,
who was a bit nervous
about finding a maleficent somewhere
in that castle,
we finally found the sleeping beauty tower.

and with
"i know you
i walked with you once upon a dream"
playing, avi wasn't so much scared
as she was dancing to the tune.

and then
because we had nowhere to be
and were free as birds,
we stopped by my favorite
azay-le-rideau, once again.

stopped in my favorite shop,
listened to some live music,

watched some street performers,
wandered the cobblestone streets,

stopped for some ice cream,

and then took
those open, beautiful roads
right back home again.

until another planless day. . .


Ann said...

The planless days are often the best. And wow, don't think I get ever top that one. Gorgeous.

happyfamily said...

My girls would love that day. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Mon Dieu. Who are you and how do I get your life?

Shannon said...

You make it sound like such a dream! What a fun place to visit. I wish we could join you! Maybe one summer instead of going to the US we'll just go to France too! We could rent a place in the same town! hmmmm... I mean really, what is there to see in the States that hasn't been seen anyway?

Sue said...

What darling girls they are...