Monday, July 5, 2010


it really is
just masochistic
to insist on, and then persist
doing something the wrong way.

that chair i pulled
from the garbage heap outside?
i thought there was something to it,
although alex said he saw nothing in it
but all-too-common soviet woodwork
from the 1970's.
that may well be.
but i still gave it a good
5 coats of paint,
and then beat my fingers up
hammering on a new seat cover
with some common thumbtacks.
i know it wasn't the correct way to do it.
and i cursed the project for an hour or so,
but then finished.

we learn by doing.


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PS. Love your new chair and LOVE your blogheader. .I usually read through googlereader so I don't see the embellishments but it is perfect.