Tuesday, July 27, 2010

town fair

night at the happenin' town fair

the girls' favorite rubber duck fishing

my little guy

my big guy
showing off for the girls,
winning them prizes.

with the prize: bubbles.
much better than stuffed animals.

and while milla was busy
doing girly things,
avi was taking her turn at the shooting booth,
with her water gun
(while no one was looking)

the candy booth
we successfully got away from
without tears

though i did give in
and buy milla the cotton candy
she's been begging for
ever since the zoo.
it was all fun and games
until she got it mixed up
with her hair.

and of course the carousel,
which we just can't get enough of
here in france.
plus how can you skip the one that's called
welcome baby
and has this guy at the helm?

and then there were the fireworks.
which alex was worried
the baby wouldn't be able to handle
and we'd all have to miss and head home for his sake.
well, instead it was he who slept through it
and the girls who were crying in our arms.
but with a bit of consoling
they started to appreciate
one of those (many) things
the french do best.

1 comment:

Ann said...

Wow. The whole night seems idyllic. Your little ones are gorgeous. Cotten Candy in hair? I think we've had that one before too. That stuff drives me batty.