Wednesday, August 25, 2010


she's been working on
that roadtrip bingo card
for weeks now.
most things on there were fairly simple.
but today when i asked her
what she had to look for
and she told me she only had two things left,
i asked what it was
we had to look out for today.
she told me
pickup truck and smokestack.

and then i had to tell her
that we were probably going to have to
give up on those two squares,
we'd have to call it a bingo at that.
those are two things
you just can't find 'round these parts.


happyfamily said...

No trucks. How curious.

christine said...

I think every household here owns a pickup truck, it's all you ever see. Maybe you need to make a road trip this direction! :)

OnGod'sErrand said...

We have both here in Commerce City! Send her over and I'll help her finish that bingo card.