Friday, August 6, 2010


especially with the torture
that is taking place in moscow these days,
i am both thanking my lucky stars
and just reveling in the fact that
the weather here
is so downright perfect every single day
that we eat every lunch
and every dinner on the veranda.

these days, we are eating like kings.
and that owes nothing to the french restaurants.
because in case you hadn't already heard,
90% of french restaurants are terrible.
but the fresh produce
and the cheese
and the desserts
and the boulangerie?
as heavenly as the weather here.

there was that ribollita
i was so utterly impressed with,
which is the best thing you can do
with yesterday's baguette

and today
since it took coming to france
to find almond meal
so darn easily.

and the cheese?
it's been a few (dreadfully long) years since moscow
quit importing english cheddar.
i thought the cheddar i brought home
from london was divine,
but this?
(and it's probably still english)

i've now learned
that the test of true cheddar
is if it only crumbles
when you try to slice it.
it's salty, it's creamy, it's rich, it's sharp. . .
it's, well. . . dee-vine.

can anyone remind me again
why trying to get friends to visit me here
is like pulling teeth?


Mindi said...

Oh, it is not because we don't want to be there (despite what I may have said in the past)... it sounds and looks wonderful!

Might need to seriously reconsider for next summer. Could I really do it? Even if it were just for a couple weeks.. Oh, even just the thought of it excites me! sigh.

friend d said...

i really wish i was there...

mer said...

i want to come visit! It's the pocket book that won't comply. But Jon and I have a goal to go to Italy next fall/end of summer for our 10th anniversary. Crossing our fingers!

Desiree Barlow said...

just give me another year or two...need to settle these boys down a little!!