Tuesday, August 10, 2010

friendly note

oh, and there's nothing like
a friendly note passed
from my adolescent 5-year-old
to remind me
that these cute little things i'm raising
really are parrots.
i regret that they are getting to the age
where i can hear myself
when they speak.
the worst is my sarcasm
which i know is not a good thing,
especially when she said to me
after i told her thank you,
"mom, was that a good thank you
or a bad thank you?"

let my life be long enough
to overcome
at least a fault or two!


christina said...


christine said...

that is hilarious. save that one. she is so cute!

IRENE said...

love the way you can make a simple note to a beautiful prose!

Ann said...

I know, it's scary when you realize they're really listening. But I'm sure they're picking up on all the wonderful things you say and do too.

Rachel said...

uummm...that is EXACTLY the kind of note Ella would send me! I won't give her the idea! Miss you!