Monday, August 2, 2010

mama's fun things

now it shouldn't
come as much of a surprise to you
that my idea of "fun things"
and their idea of "fun things"
is not always one and the same.
but there was a simple solution
to that discrepancy on saturday.

i don't always tell them in advance
where we're going.
and that morning we rushed out early,
drove over to paulmy
and parked the car near the flea market.
they had no idea what to expect--
all they knew is that they were to stay with me,
and that they were getting real money
put into their little fists
for the first time in their lives.
a whole two euros to spend
on (almost) whatever they wanted.

see how easy?
and it may not have been
as footloose and fancy-free a trip
to the flea market
as it would have been
without three kids in tow,
but hey,
a mama's got to do her own "fun things" too.

of course they had no problem
spending their little coins,
milla within the first 10 minutes,
avi during the last. . .

the sad thing
was that mama came away empty-handed.
well, if you don't count
the lord byron poems i was gifted,
or the french picture dictionary
i was also handed for free.
maybe i look pathetic?
or is it my french that is pathetic. . .

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