Wednesday, August 18, 2010

plum tree

it's at least every other day
that she tells me
she wishes we had a garden.
and it's at least every day
that i think the exact same thing.

but for now,
we're loving pretending this one is ours,
at least for the time being.
we have apples and pears,
fresh mint and grapes,
plums and even a bit of red currant.

but this year
it's the plum tree that has served us the best.

our first enjoyment of the fresh plums
was that delectable almond tart
so kindly gifted to us.

but yesterday
we used up the rest of our own bounty

with a bit of whipped cream on top,
it was excellent.


D...chik said...

how i miss you guys...

Ann said...

I'm making this. I love plums.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that looks delicious!