Thursday, August 26, 2010


it was nothing short
of a revelation.

and all these years, i've tortured myself!
chopping tomatoes
ranks right up there
among the most-loathed of household duties:
mopping the floors,
putting clean laundry away,
scrubbing the shower,
and chopping tomatoes.

why had i never before thought
to use cherry tomatoes instead--
so darn easy to chop!
slice slice, and you're done.
my life has just taken a turn
for the better.


Sue said...

I always use cherry tomatoes. And I LOVE that kind of salad.


Ann said...

That looks like a revelation. Yum.

SweetpeainFrance said...

Oh no... says SweetpeainFrance... You really really must go and buy from the French market the more mis-shapen tomatoes appearing in the market (and sometimes in French supermarkets) about now .. or the crinklefolded tomatoes called beefsteak tomatoes. These just need slicing as finely as possible and marinating with a hint of olive-oil, a little seasoning and some basil and Mmmmm you will be in heaven (gastronomically speaking!).
There is a whole new education awaiting you. Cherry tomatoes I suppose have their place! But as someone who always hated the taste of the English or Dutch tomato has been re-educated here in France!

di said...

very nice! love coming to your blog - always something beautiful to look at, inspiring to read! xo